To kick off pre-season training camp, Hoover Phantoms ’01 Blue and White team players had an opportunity to partner with the Univeristy of Alabama’s Department of Kinesiology. Hoover Soccer Club players traveled to the Univeristy of Alabama’s campus in Tuscaloosa and participated in performance testing that was completed in the Exercise & Sport Science laboratory.

The performance measures included variables that are important for soccer players such as speed and agility, vertical jump, aerobic capacity (VO2 max), body mass index and bone density among others. Players learned about their pre-season performance outcomes and look forward to improving them over the course of the season. After this season’s completion, players will partake in similar performance oriented testing to gauge their improvement. Drs. Esco and Sinelnikov spearheaded a team of doctoral students that helped with testing procedures for Hoover Soccer Club players. Hoover Phantoms ’01 Blue team will compete in Southern Regional Premier League (SRPL) and Hoover Phantoms ’01 White team will compete in National Premier League (NPL) this Fall 2016 season. Additionally, both teams will compete in Division I of the Alabama State League.

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Check out the videos of the VO2 max below: