The Hoover Soccer Club offers competitive teams for players ranging from the ages under 11-under 18. These teams compete at the highest levels in the state and the region. The HSC competitive program strives to provide the best possible atmosphere for player development and a strong competitive spirit.

Competitive Coaching Philosophy

The coaching philosophy at the Hoover Soccer Club is that the individual player is the key in the success of the club. Each youth player must be placed in a fun, energetic, competitive learning environment. If a player enjoys each training session he or she will want to work hard to become a better player and look forward to the next training session.

The Coaching Staff has established three sections of focus within the competitive program and an age appropriate coaching curriculum. The first is the developmental age group (U11-U12), second is the intermediate age group (U13-U15), and finally the advanced age group (U16-U18). This program is designed to develop a complete soccer player, one who is able to play at the highest level. A different coach will be responsible for the team development at each section. About eighty percent of all games are played in Birmingham Metropolitan Area.

At the developmental age group, the focus is to establish a good foundation of basic technical skills. The wins and losses should not be a factor in a player’s development. The ultimate goal is skill acquisition not a single win or loss. Winning is considered a by-product of superior training.

At the intermediate age group, the focus is on teaching small and large group tactics, as well as continued technical skill training. More focus is placed on winning, with the expectation that older teams in this group will achieve greater success within the State and Region.

At the advanced age group, the focus is on developing and understanding “Systems of Play” within each team, utilizing the technical and tactical skills developed in the prior age groups. This age group will play a very competitive schedule and look to promote players within the State, Regional and National ODP programs, as well as College and Professional programs throughout the United States.