2018 Spring Season Registration

The registration deadline for U4-U8 ages is February 28th. Late registrations will be accepted after this date with an additional $20 fee, but team placements will be harder to accommodate, and some teams may be full.  Please take a moment to review the below information and important dates!

Ages & Fees

For U4-U8 ages ONLY, we are creating age groups to match the cut-off dates used for school placement so that players will be able to participate with their classmates.  HOWEVER, once players advance to the U9 and older age groups for both recreational and competitive soccer, it is mandated that teams are formed based on the players’ birth year.  This is something that is required by any State-run league, so please be aware of this transition.  You may read more about this age group change initiative coming down from US Youth Soccer at www.alsoccer.org/asa_administrative/us_soccer_initiatives.

DOB Age Group Registration Fee
8/1/2013 — 12/31/2014 U4 $90
8/1/2011 —7/31/2013 U5/U6 $120
8/1/2009 — 7/31/2011 U7/U8 $140
HSC Bridge Program (U5-U8) $60

Due to the change in age group placement criteria, players born between 12/31/2009 – 8/1/2009 will have the OPTION to play U8 or U9. Please contact Paul Welch at recreationaldirector@hooversoccerclub.com with any questions! CLICK HERE for information regarding the U9 age group, as this age group participates in a different program than our U4-U8 Future Phantoms Program.

HSC Bridge Program

We will be again offering the HSC Bridge Program this spring for those players ages U5-U8 who would like more than just the weekly practice with their volunteer coaches. The fee for this program is $60 in addition to the standard recreational registration fee and includes a training top, competitive coaching fees, field space and lights.

CLICK HERE for more information and details about the HSC Bridge Program.

Team Volunteer Coaches

Both our Future Phantoms and HSC Rec League programs rely on volunteer coaches. We understand that this can be quite a commitment, especially for first-time coaches, so the club is dedicated to supporting our volunteer coaches in every way possible.  Below is a list of coaching responsibilities for our U4-U8 coaches as well as a list of resources that will be provided to prepare our volunteer coaches to provide a fun, positive soccer experience for all the kids.  Thanks in advance for all you do!

U4-U8 Coaching Responsibilities

  • Ensure that your players are having FUN and learning the game of soccer!
  • Reinforce a good attitude and mentality for learning and sportsmanship.
  • Communicate team specific details to your players and parents –  we will also at times ask you to communicate critical club announcements, as mass email communications from the club can sometimes find its way to spam folders, and not everyone visits the website frequently.
  • Organize and facilitate practice sessions.
  • Facilitate games based on your given schedule – all games at these ages are between other HSC Future Phantoms teams of like ages.  Coaches will act as the referee as well, with each coach officiating one half of the game.

Coaching Resources

  • HSC staff will hold a U4-U8 Coaches’ Clinic on Saturday, March 3rd.  We will give tips and strategies to running a training session for U4-U8 players, discuss some basic fundamental development habits of soccer players of this age, as well as demonstrate several drills and games to give you an idea of how to lead and interact with your players as a coach.
  • All coaches will receive a Volunteer Coaches Handbook which will include the following (and more) information specific to the age group:
    • Information on the developmental aspects of your players
    • Tips and advice on how to run a training session
    • Game day protocol, tips and advice
    • A full season training plan to guide you through a full eight weeks of practice sessions
  • An HSC staff representative will be at most, if not all, training sessions on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.  This resource will be available to answer questions, help with drills and games, and to make the parents and volunteer coaches feel supported in every way possible.

Practices & Games

All practices and games for the U4-U8 ages will be held at the Trace Crossings fields in Hoover near the Met.    The address is
5444 Stadium Trace Pkwy, Birmingham, AL, 35244 (View on Google Maps).


  • Practices start the week of March 6th and end the week of May 8th.
  • U4 teams will have a combined practice and game on Saturday mornings at 9:00am.
  • U5/U6 teams will practice 1 time per week on Tuesdays from 5:30pm-6:30pm*.
  •  U7/U8 teams will practice 1 time per week on Thursdays from 5:30pm-6:30pm*.

*There may be some exceptions on practice nights for U5-U8 teams based on coaches’ availability, but we try and stick to these days and ages as best we can!


  • Games will start the weekend of March 17th and end on the weekend of May 12th with the weekend of May 19th to be used as a rain-out date.
  • All games are intramural against other HSC Future Phantoms teams of like ages.
  • Each team is guaranteed 8 games.
  • The U4 age group will have a combined practice and game on Saturday mornings at 9:00am.
  • The U5-U8 games will take place on Saturday mornings.
  • For any games cancelled due to inclement weather, we will make every attempt possible to make these up on available Sunday afternoons or during practice nights.

Uniforms & Equipment

Soccer Nation (www.soccernation205.com) is the uniform provider for the Hoover Soccer Club.  You may also pick up any other soccer equipment you may need in addition to your uniform at Soccer Nation.  Mention that you are with the Hoover Soccer Club at any time and receive a 10% discount!


  • If you purchased a jersey for the 2017 Fall Season, you will NOT need to purchase another one unless you require a new size.
  • The cost of your uniform is NOT included in your registration fee.
  • All players will require a reversible jersey at a cost of $30.  This jersey is guaranteed to be good for 1.5 years from the spring of 2018 for the U4-U8 Future Phantoms Program only.
  • Deadline for ordering your uniform with guaranteed arrival by first game weekend is February 26th.  You may call Soccer Nation at (205) 822-7900 Monday-Friday from 10:00am-7:00pm, Saturday from 10:00am-6:00pm and Sunday from 12:00pm-5:00pm or go by their Birmingham location during these hours at 1082 Montgomery Hwy, Vestavia Hills, AL, 35216.


Each player will need the following items at every practice and game session:

  • An appropriately sized soccer ball (U4-U8: size 3)
  • Water bottle or another type of hydration
  • Shin guards
  • Soccer cleats

Additional Information

Team Medals/Awards

It is our goal that every participant in the Future Phantoms Program have a positive soccer experience.  This is accomplished by providing a relaxed and fun learning environment where the focus is on the enjoyment of the game and participation with teammates and friends.

Our policy is to NOT give out participation medals or ribbons to any team in our club.  We feel that doing so devalues actual achievement in any endeavor, sports related or not.  This policy also helps us in our goal at this age of detracting from winning and focusing on fostering a learning environment and love for the game of soccer!

We understand that this policy is a matter of contention with some, but please understand that everything we do is for the benefit of our players and their development as individuals and soccer players.

Photo Day

We are planning on holding an official photo day for our Future Phantoms Program in the spring!  More information will be made available as the season approaches.