Please review the following information regarding protocol for game days within the CASL league.  It is very important that these steps and guidelines are followed to ensure the best experience possible for players, parents and coaches.  Thanks for participating with the Hoover Soccer Club!

Club Pass (Guest Players)

  • Coaches are allowed three club passes per game. (Players that are club passing must be from the same club.)
  • Club pass players must have a copy of their valid ASA roster. The coach will highlight the players that are club passing and attach the player’s roster to their current roster.
  • Club pass players must be registered DIII players and must be the appropriate age in order to player pass.
  • On your roster, write in the name(s) of the players that you are player passing for that particular game. (A maximum of 3 players are allowed.)

Recording Game Scores

Winning coaches must phone in their game scores after each game.   Follow the below steps following your game if your team is the winner:

  • Dial the toll free number 1-866-334-6294
  • When asked, say or enter the pin number 1546, and the code for your game.  (Your game code will be found on your season schedule.)
  • You will hear the division, teams playing, and field location – confirm this is the correct game by saying ‘Yes’.
  • When prompted, say or enter the score for each team, then confirm.
  • You can report multiple games in the same call, or just say ‘Goodbye’ when done.


  • Coaches must present a printed (not electronic) copy of their ASA Club rosters to the referees.  No Roster = No Play!!!
  • Only coaches listed on the roster will be permitted on the players’ sideline.
  • Referees may ask for photo identification for coaches – failure to comply with this rule will result in coaches not being allowed on the sidelines with their team.
  • If your roster is misplaced, please contact in advance of your game. (No one will be available on weekends to make roster changes or retrieve lost rosters!)

Field Closings (Cancellations)

  • Please check the field status hotline or the appropriate club website  (VIEW CLUB LIST) in case of inclement weather on game day.
  • If you know that your fields are closed, please help by contacting your opposing coach ASAP, so he/she may contact his/her players.
  • If coaches are not notified and show up at the closed field, this could result in your forfeit.
  • Please consider travel time for those teams traveling a good distance to your field.  (A good rule-of-thumb is to give them two hours notice.)

Respect for Referees

  • Under NO circumstances should a parent or coach confront a referee during or after a game.
  • Do not verbally harass a referee.  If you must disagree with a call, do so quickly, calmly and let it go.
  • A very large percentage of referees are learning on the job.  Please be considerate, thank them for their time, and help to cultivate a healthy environment for Alabama’s referees.
  • Under no circumstances should anyone have physical conduct with a referee. Should this occur you will be severally disciplined and have possible criminal charges pressed against you.
  • Foul language and abusive behavior towards anyone on the sidelines will not be tolerated by the Hoover Soccer Club.
  • Failure to comply with the above rules may result in your suspension from the team and this season.

Spirit of the Game

We are discouraging teams from defeating their opponent by more than an 8 goal differential.  We will be monitoring teams if we see a pattern developing.  Should your team defeat an opponent by more than 8 goals you will receive a reminder email from the league, reminding you of the scoring rules. Your team is subject to possible sanctions if we see that this rule and the spirit of the game is not being at adhered to. If you are up by more than 6 goals on your opponent there are things you can do to balance the game such as quietly removing one player from the field, require 5 passes before you can shoot, etc.  Remember, this is about the children and you should be teaching them more than just soccer (good sportsmanship, etc).  If your team is on the other end of that spectrum, please understand that sometimes a coach is trying to balance out the game and they might not be able to do so.  If everyone works together, we should be able to play within the spirit of the game.