2018 Spring Season Information

Please check back after December 18th for more information on our 2018 Spring Season.  General info on our U9-U19 program can be found below.

Ages & Fees

Age group placement for our U9-U19 HSC Rec League teams is determined by the player’s year of birth. For example, players born in 2009 will be in the U9 age group, players born in 2008 will be U10, players born in 2007 will be U11, and so on. This is something that was put into place in 2016 and is required by any State-run league. You may read more about this age group change initiative coming down from US Youth Soccer at www.alsoccer.org/asa_administrative/us_soccer_initiatives. Players may choose to play up an age group in order to be with friends but NO PLAYER is allowed to play down an age group.

CLICK HERE to view the age group matrix based on birth year.

Birth Year Age Group Registration Fee
2009/2008 U9/U10 $200
2007/2006 U11/U12 $200
2005-1999 U13-U19 $200
HSC Bridge Program (U5-U8) $60

Due to the change in age group placement criteria, players born between 12/31/2009 – 8/1/2009 will have the OPTION to play U8 or U9. Please contact Paul Welch at recreationaldirector@hooversoccerclub.com with any questions! CLICK HERE for information regarding the U8 age group, as this age group participates in a different program than our U9-U19 HSC Rec League Program.

HSC Bridge Program

We are offering our HSC Bridge Program this fall for players ages U9-U12 who would like more than just the weekly practice with their volunteer coaches. The fee for this program is $60 in addition to the standard recreational registration fee and includes a training top, professional coaching fees, field space and lights.   This program is a replacement for the Wednesday night sessions which were offered in the spring.  Not enough players were taking advantage of these sessions, and it did not make sense to have the majority continue to pay for an unused resource.

CLICK HERE for more information and details about the HSC Bridge Program.

Team Volunteer Coaches

Both our Future Phantoms and HSC Rec League programs rely on volunteer coaches. We understand that this can be quite a commitment, especially for first-time coaches, so the club is dedicated to supporting our volunteer coaches in every way possible.  Below is a list of coaching responsibilities for our U9-U19 coaches as well as a list of assistance resources that will be provided to prepare our volunteer coaches to provide a fun, positive soccer experience for all the kids.  Thanks in advance for all you do!

U9-U18 Coaching Responsibilities

  • Ensure that your players are having FUN and learning the game of soccer!
  • Reinforce a good attitude and mentality for learning and sportsmanship.
  • Communicate team specific details to your players and parents –  we will also at times ask you to communicate critical club announcements, as mass email communications from the club can sometimes find its way to spam folders, and not everyone visits the website frequently.
  • Organize and facilitate practice sessions.
  • Organize lineups and equal playing time for all players during games
  • Occasionally assist in making sure field lights are on/off
  • Occasionally assist in making sure fields are set up for game day
  • Managing printed rosters for game days
  • Reporting game scores to the CASL league

Coaching Resources

  • HSC staff will hold a U9-U19 Coaches’ Clinic on Saturday, August 19.  We will give tips and strategies to running a training session for U9-U19 players, discuss some basic fundamental development habits of soccer players of this age, as well as demonstrate several drills and games to give you an idea of how to lead and interact with your players as a coach.
  • All coaches will receive a Volunteer Coaches Handbook which will include the following (and more) information specific to the age group:
    • Information on the developmental aspects of your players
    • Tips and advice on how to run a training session
    • Game day protocol, tips and advice
    • For U9-U12 ages, a full season training plan to guide you through a full eight weeks of practice sessions
    • For U13 and older ages, a library of drills and games will be provided which is age-appropriate for older players
  • Coaching a U9-U19 team in the HSC Rec League is a step up in time and responsibility over the younger ages for a volunteer coach.  To help ease the burden on our coaches, and to reward them for their time commitment and service, a 50% discount on the season fee for one participant will be provided for each HEAD COACH (one per team).

Practices & Games

Each U9-U19 team will practice 2 times per week on a combination of Monday/Friday, Monday/Thursday, Tuesday/Thursday OR Tuesday/Friday.  Younger ages will be given the preference of the earlier practice times as noted below.

All U11/U12 teams will practice at the Rocky Ridge (Hoover East) complex off Acton road.  This facility will provide more space and better bathroom facilities for kids at this age who may need them more.

Our overall goal is to provide more flexibility for families and especially volunteer coaches.


  • Your practice schedule will be confirmed when you are sent your roster.  Days, time and location will be determined based on coaches’ schedules and team placement requests.
  • We will have a “Welcome Day” for all teams where players will meet their coaches and teammates, see their practice space and play some fun games.  Your teams’ “Welcome Day” schedule will correspond to your practice schedule for one of these days.
  • All U9/U10 teams will practice 2 times per week at the Met fields from 5:30pm-6:30pm.
  • All U11/U12 teams will practice 2 times per week at the Rocky Ridge (Hoover East) fields from 6:00pm-7:30pm.
  • U13 and older teams will practice 2 times per week at the Met fields from 6:30pm-8:00pm OR at the Rocky Ridge fields from 7:30pm-9:00pm.


  • All teams will participate in the Central Alabama Soccer League (CASL).
  • Each team will play 4 home games (at the Met or Rocky Ridge fields) and 4 away games for a total of 8 games for the season.
  • All games will be in the Greater Birmingham area – no out of town travel is required!
  • Games are played on Saturdays and Sundays (with some exceptions, mainly reschedules due to weather).
  • Reschedules due to weather or emergency situations will be handled by the CASL league.  Forfeits due to team no-shows or insufficient players will NOT be made up!

Uniforms & Equipment

Soccer Nation (www.soccernation205.com) is the uniform provider for the Hoover Soccer Club.  You may also pick up any other soccer equipment you may need in addition to your uniform at Soccer Nation.  Mention that you are with the Hoover Soccer Club at any time and receive a 10% discount!


  • The cost of your uniform is NOT included in your registration fee.
  • All players will require a uniform package at a cost of $100.  This uniform is guaranteed to be good for 2 years from the fall of 2017 for the U9-U19 HSC Rec League Program only.
  • Your uniform package will include both a home and away jersey, shorts and 2 pairs of socks.
  • If you purchased a jersey for the 2017 Fall Season, you will not need to purchase another one unless you require a new size.


Each player will need the following items at every practice and game session:

  • An appropriately sized soccer ball (U9-U12: size 4, U13-U9: size 5)
  • Water bottle or another type of hydration
  • Shin guards
  • Soccer cleats

Additional Information

Team Medals/Awards

It is our goal that every participant in the HSC Rec League to have a positive soccer experience.  This is accomplished by providing a relaxed and fun learning environment where the focus is on the enjoyment of the game and participation with teammates and friends.

Our policy is to NOT give out participation medals or ribbons to any team in our club.  We feel that doing so devalues actual achievement in any endeavor, sports related or not.

We understand that this policy is a matter of contention with some, but please understand that everything we do is for the benefit of our players and their development as individuals and soccer players.